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Choiceless Computing

Our mission is to make life simpler and easier for users. This means we create software which understands the needs and wants of users. We create personalised experiences for users, in so doing we prefer a voice interface and we use AI where we can. We call this Choiceless Computing. The user has to make few choices, but we deliver the software which provides the answers/information they actually want.

Alibro provides software and consultancy for businesses which have a consumer focus.

Alibro History

We wrote some of the early Apps for BBC and ITV, we've worked for Nokia and Vodafone supplying apps and mobile web services to millions of users in multiple countries in a fully scalable end to end way.

Alibro has technology to enable the creation and distribution of content applications on all Mobile devices old and new - in fact we can deliver rich content applications to more devices than any other company. These applications can be built in seconds by consumer or professional publisher. These services are ideal for the developing world and our latest Appies product for iPhone and Android is an app which creates apps - allowing any user to create content apps.

In addition Alibro consultancy services has experience of working for Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile, Orange (before it was EE) and O2 on projects for example that have involved multiple operators and the GSMA. We also have expertise to build custom applications and AI Assistants for any device and support small, medium and large businesses in their endeavours. Our experience of delivering scalable server systems to people like Vodafone mean we have proven experience of delivering high availability and highly scalable systems to millions of users in countries throughout the world.

With Appies and Eyemags, Alibro has a rich set of app creation tools and some refined aggregation and processing capabilities. Though barely a beta prototype, Eyemags attracted over 1500 publishers and surpassed 1m downloads in its first quarter.

With MakeApps and MakeBots we support businesses in creating apps and AI Assistants to create world class user interfaces for their businesses.

Alibro is now working on a new wave of innovation which looks to take the art of application and AI Assistant creation to its next level - we believe in simplicity for the user with the minimum user complexity to create highly functional apps and bots.

Business to Business

MakeBots and MakeApps . Support for Businesses to created AI Assistants for Amazon Echo, Google Assistant (on Google Home and Phones) and Facebook Messenger. All part of our Choiceless Computing platform which provides an AI driven user experience which understands the preferences of every user.

Charity - CheckIron

Alibro runs a Charity for Haemochromatosis sufferers to find out their risks of suffering symptoms using only their DNA. The system runs using Machine Learning to teach the software when and/or if, they are likely to get symptoms during their lifetime. It is available to anyone and is free and anonymous.



We're experts in AI Assistants and mobile apps. We created the BBC's first mobile app for instance which provided news and weather to the UK using Symbian phones.

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Direct to Consumer

We created a direct to consumer service called EyeMags which enabled users to create their own apps. This was very popular particularly in India but is now closed.